Hey guys, here’s some tool recommendations for you to stay mobile, practical and economical. I am always on the look out for staying mobile with my art supplies, and I know many of you are as well.

A List of Tools:
Parallel Pens
WaterColor Paper
ArtemScribendi Pen
Art Tool Wrap
Bestest White Pen ever
Moleskine Sketchbook
Winsor Newton Travel Water Color Set
Battery Operated Eraser
Joby: GripTight GorillaPod Stand For Smaller Phones

Brush Pens:
Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen – Extra Fine : Permanent less likely to bleed with a wash or marker.

Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Extra Fine : Works well with water to create an inkwash.

Pentel Fude Brush Pen, Medium : Good for large area and for larger art/line needs.

All of these I have modified. The cartridge is replaceable, but it is also refillable and that’s awesome. Check out the mods below. One more thing, these pens are squeezable, which means you have to control the flow of ink. (When I first got mine, years ago, I didn’t understand that and I got frustrated with them.) The beauty is that not only can you squeeze ink in, you can withhold it and have really nice dry brush effects.

Remember, if you choose to buy these through the links above you are helping my family out and I truly appreciate that.

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Parallel Pens


Parallel Pens
I ordered these pens in October and they have already found a lasting place in my workflow. I am trying to learn how to use them for writing, but for drawing they are incredible. I still have a long way to go till I get a handle on them, but I am very happy with them.



Watercolor Paper:

Kubo final fanart.
Kubo final fanart.

Canson Watercolor Paper Bulk Pack, 9″X12″
Good for combining wet and dry media
Suitable for light washes and easy to re-work
Bulk packs are great for art demos, events, and classes
Each pack contains 100 sheets
90lb / 185g acid free 9″X12″ paper



ArtemScribendi Pen:

ArtemScribendi Travel Pen
Photo swiped from his IG account.

This pen holder is well balanced and crafted. It is a great travel dip pen.


Art Tool Wrap:


Check it out: The IPOW Canvas Pencil Wrap, 72 Pencil Case Roll Multi-Purpose PouchI love it,  and I love the price too. It’s currently more than 80% off the list price of $50.98 and selling for only $7.99 at Amazon.

As it’s original intent is for pencils, I ended up modifying mine. I cut a few of the threads to open up the width of some of the elastic. It took me less than five minutes to customize just the way I need it. Fold, roll and go.

If this looks like a good fit for you or an artist in your life, you can see more about it HEREand at no extra cost to you, clicking my link will also benefit my family, so THANK YOU!

Bestest White Pen Ever:

For years, I have SEARCHED for the right white pen. So many of them had lines that kind of disappeared after it was drawn; plus they were watery. So, I have a three step white/correction pen suggestion: Here is the first:

Presto: Years ago I used this one then couldn’t ever find it locally, and it faded from memory. Recently, I rediscovered it and love it. You can pick it up at Amazon (using links below to order help support my art and family at no extra cost to you):

It’s the best for three reasons:

  1. Coverage. Solid lines thick and clear.
  2. Tilt. Tilt gives you a less weighty line but still solid.
  3. Squeeze. I can squeeze much or let it run a little dry.

Get it here: Pentel Presto Jumbo Correction Pen, Fine Point, 12 ml, 2 Pack.

I don’t have pictures for the other two, but check them out:

  1. Uni-Ball Signo Broad Point Gel Impact Pen White Ink, 3 pens per Pack
    1. Next best to Presto
    2. Thinner line
  2. Uni-ball Signo Angelic UM-120AC Gel Ink Pen 0.7 mm, White Ink
    1. Next best to the one above
    2. Much thinner line

Moleskine Sketch Book

Moleskin makes quality compact sketchbooks. The kind I got has a bit of waxiness to it and helps decrease bleed through. I like that a lot.

Travel Water color Set
When I considered a tool I could recommend to you all this week, the one that came to mind is my travel water color set. This is specifically because I’ve been using it a lot lately, and I love it. The fourth, sixth and seventh images above were all painted with my Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colour Field Box —a treasured gift my wife gave me several years ago.

I hesitated, on one hand, to recommend it because it is a more costly tool than I usually bring up, so head’s up on that. But, if you love water color, love to be mobile, and can afford it or want to give a VERY special and enjoyable gift to someone else, this comes highly recommended. Get it here.

The link above is from Amazon, however, sometimes Hobby Lobby has these in stock and there is always a 40% off coupon available weekly there. (If you have a smartphone, you can get their app for coupon.)


Battery Operated Eraser

I own two: the Koh-i-noor, which is the silver one in the art wrap you see, and a Derwent. Both work, but the Derwent has better reviews and a better quality. That said, I don’t have any of the troubles that others have had with the Koh-i-noor. So, choose which you like. :)

GripTight GorillaPod Stand For Smaller Phones

I have used the Joby for all of the videos I have posted. I can stand it or wrap it.




Artists should swap this kind of information ALL THE TIME. More tips and recommendations coming soon…


What are some of your favorite tools?

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