Go Google

April 16, 2011By jayapplications, miscelany, technology

In an article entitled:
Why no company that values their data should EVER “Go Google” Colin Davis of e1ven dot com

The problem is, Google is entirely useless whenever there finally IS a flaw.

I used to be a huge proponent of Google. I talked everyone I knew into using Google and eventually Google apps. Much of this was BS—Before Schmidt—some was after. But, once his megalomania for user information became abundantly clear, I began to back off of my proponent stand and have become much more of an opponent.

The afore-linked-to article isn’t so much about Google—though that is the framework—as it is “The Cloud”. The article is specific to Google in that they were the vehicle of trouble in this incident, but it could have referred to any remote-storage-facility-that-one-relies-upon. I know people who are eager for cloud computing; they want to have their “computer” accessible from anywhere. In theory it will be great.

In theory.

In practicality and concerning privacy it will be just as troublesome as local storage—if not more. It will be just as open to failure and trauma. However, having someone else manage my stuff and being able to pry into it at their whim (or using it to expand their search capabilities) is not my idea of a better trade.

E1ven’s article is a good reminder that while the cloud is cool it isn’t faultless. Read it. Think about privacy and the trouble that they endured.

The Saurus

April 15, 2011By jayapplications, technology, Writing

Today, while updating my noggin—with information from my RSS feeds, I ran across Visual Thesaurus. It looks like an awesome tool for writers.

Visual Thesaurus is an interactive — almost organic — dictionary and thesaurus for your Mac. Enter a word and you’ll be presented with branch nodes displaying synonyms or antonyms for that word. The lines between the words are color-coded to indicate parts of speech. Depending on how you are using the word, click on its proper definition and then delve down through the semantic relationship of the word by clicking on its node. The whole process is a really fun way to find the right words you are looking for. You almost feel like an explorer traipsing through a thesaurus thanks to the interactivity of the app.

via TUAW

I prefer the subscription model for price/features, but I prefer the desktop app for it’s independence from an internet connection. I would much rather see this as an iOS app—that would be the best of both worlds.

The Postcard

April 12, 2011By jayapplications, art, miscelany, technology

They’re usually ugly, mostly impersonal, and are going to go the way of the dodo—one day. But, not today. Enter Postagram. While I am, mostly, a privacy freak, this app is really pushing some buttons with me. I love it. No, I haven’t used it. But, I love the concept and love the price. I might actually consider using my Instagram app much more. Check on this article by MG Siegler.

“A printed photo is the most ubiquitously liked gift in the world,” Brezina says. “The mobile phone being the new camera starts to make this a lot easier,” he continues.

So true.

The Coffin

April 11, 2011By jaymiscelany, technology

Death is a huge moneymaker. Caskets have everything from refrigerators to wine racks to air conditioners and more. I am more of a simple-pine-casket-person. Lay me down in one of those and I would be happy—albeit unaware.

However, this new casket from Hainsworth is definitely worth a look. http://www.naturallegacy.com/ The caskets are ugly-in-a-cute-sort-of-way but, they are an interesting concept in being green.

FaceTime Bug

April 6, 2011By jayapplications, miscelany, technology

From The Brooks Review

Creepy iPhone 4 FaceTime Bug

MrGQ in the Apple discussion board on the FaceTime bug:

I am experiencing the exact same issue recently. Most notably just minutes ago when i called my GF and i saw a “picture” of myself from today when i was at the office. I know it was from today because i had the exact same shirt. The weirdest thing is that picture is not stored on my iphone.

You may be thinking that, while this is weird, it isn’t that creepy. Nasetron adds the creepy though:

Some of the images that have been coming up on mine are from times and places when I know without a doubt that I haven’t been using facetime.

Luckily it seems the images are not being shown to any one but the iPhone owner — but still, why is it taking these pictures at all?

This speaks to a lot of people’s fears about having cameras so prevalent. Pop out your electrical tape.

A Tale of Two Apps

April 3, 2011By jayapplications, grammar, technology, Writing

As a writer and an iPhone user I am usually keeping an eye open for the best writer app. Add to this my interaction design side and what comes out? A quick review of two apps: Essay and TextWriter.

I will begin with my review of TextWriter (TW) written within TW.

this is my newest text. my first impression is that it lacks sentence cap recognition.

also, there are arrows showing up and down that don’t do anything and shouldnt be shown or should be greyed out.

it doesnt auto correct either.

note: the up down arrows navigate paragraphs. not clear at all.

I am not satisfied with the interface at all. It is clunky and appears to be quickly thrown together. I “purchased” this app when it was on sale for free. Had it not been for that I would have wanted my money back.


I am testing out essay. It is an awesome app sentence caps abound. Autocorrect works on all most contractions.

It has a nice toolbar that is easy to press and navigate.

It has dropbox support.

There are some bugs. The sentence caps don’t always function the way they should and as I said before the contractions are mostly enabled.

Also, at issue is the linking ability. The link field has a prewritten http://. However, when selected it doesn’t empty nor was I able to delete it. Then I pasted a link that already had http in it and I had two. This needs to be fixed.

One more note: trying to copy. Trying to copy was furstrating. I tried to select all—which was easily accomplished, but the copy/cut popup window never showed. (Side note: my misspelling of frustrating never showed a dotted redline and exposing the misspelled word.

Overall, though, I liked look and feel of this app much, much, more than TextWriter. But, it does have some very annoying bugs.

Bugs aside just looking at how I feel in both apps I prefer Essay’s interface and functions over TextWriter’s it feels more Mac/iOS like and it much more visually palatable.


March 23, 2011By jayart, miscelany, technology

I have always been a barefootite. I prefer it. When I am out with my kids and it’s time to chase I toss my shoes aside—because I run better and faster, barefoot. However, the older I became the less I was allowed to be barefoot. (Although by the callouses on my feet you wouldn’t be able to tell that I haven’t still been going barefoot.) So, when I came across a shoe that was more barefoot in nature—I was immediately intrigued.

Enter Vibram.

So, last night, I did my first barefoot, long, run in years… I loved it. My specific shoe seems to have an issue but overall the experience was great.