iOS 4 bug

July 2, 2010By jaytechnology

Interesting reoccurring bug in iOS 4.
I have only seen it happen when I use my apple headphones, my screen is locked, and the other caller hangs up. It does happen quite consistently. The image is what my iPhone looks like when I unlock the phone to use it after ending a phone call. The call is ended, but the interface is stuck.

iPhone4 again

July 1, 2010By jaytechnology

Regarding the signal/hand cupping issue: I have also discovered that in certain cases I can make the signal squeal—like a balloon. It is interesting. It seems to happen right before the signal drops completely.

iPhone 4

June 30, 2010By jaytechnology

The new iPhone is excellent. I do see signal loss in my left hand. I can make it happen every time. Even if I simply cup it in my hand, but don’t touch it—I can watch the bars slowly drop.