July 7, 2010By jaytechnology, Writing

I always try to persuade my clients to blog. I have discovered (as others have before me) that blogging or micro-journaling is an excellent way to reach customers and bring awareness of the clients brand or products.

Problem: blogaphobia.
The clients are afraid of blogging. Most think they don’t have anything to share. Many think that others will day it better. And some, are afraid to look stupid.

Solution: write small
Writing short facts about your company and your skills is all you need to do. It is all your customers need, too. Your website is for the big stuff. Blog the basics. The stuff that would help you, is the stuff that will help them.

If you are blogging about your trade. Blog in short paragraphs. Focus on simple ideas. The things you think everyone knows, most don’t.

iOS 4 bug

July 2, 2010By jaytechnology

Interesting reoccurring bug in iOS 4.
I have only seen it happen when I use my apple headphones, my screen is locked, and the other caller hangs up. It does happen quite consistently. The image is what my iPhone looks like when I unlock the phone to use it after ending a phone call. The call is ended, but the interface is stuck.

iPhone4 again

July 1, 2010By jaytechnology

Regarding the signal/hand cupping issue: I have also discovered that in certain cases I can make the signal squeal—like a balloon. It is interesting. It seems to happen right before the signal drops completely.

iPhone 4

June 30, 2010By jaytechnology

The new iPhone is excellent. I do see signal loss in my left hand. I can make it happen every time. Even if I simply cup it in my hand, but don’t touch it—I can watch the bars slowly drop.