Well, hi.

Does this note from our house to yours come at a good time to remember to carry on? To keep creating, to choose to be satisfied with what you’ve done, and to keep going again? It’s a good time for us here.

Jay once wrote about how when life starts going at such a rapid pace sometimes the ideas and dreams left inside of us can begin to make us feel like a clogged up sink pipe, and a sense of hopelessness can engulf. But what if we took those same feelings and instead of seeing it as a clogged pipe we could believe that we are more like a storage bank?

The ideas and dreams may not materialize the way or in the time we want them to, but living inside of us, they are not dead, they are alive, maturing, and we can look forward with hope. If this is hard for you right now, do not feel alone.

Keep your eyes open, ride the rapids, trust, and hope.

“Evidence of creative breakthrough is found in unlikely places: a quick note, an offhand remark, a journal entry, or formal letter. We gather the scraps, and we piece them together the best we can. The fact is, creativity itself is messy business, We want to think of it as linear and efficient, but in actuality, it is full of false starts, dead ends, long hours, setbacks, discouragement, and frustrations. Knowing that it works this way can help us be more patient with our own untidy processes.”

-Diana Pavlac Glyer, Bandersnatch

We know it has helped us! By the way, Bandersnatch is a wealth of a book!


Where Do Yeti Roam?

Where do yeti roam?
Through ice and snow
With unicorn they dance and play
Opening fae doorways to
Discoveries beyond mortal eyes
Of dragon tales and mysteries 
Through the crags and forest trees into
The unknown infinite canvas of dimensional strings
In bartender suits in lounges singing here
Here is where the yeti’s at.

Teaser from a long-term writing project of Jay’s called,
Consider the Ravens, a compilation of poems & stories.


Since the time we last wrote here, Jay was able to begin and complete a comic for Andrew Peterson, Shadowblade and The Florid Sword, A Wingfeather Tale. It was an intense nine months! We do not have approval to share final images, but for those of you who backed the Wingfeather Kickstarter check your email and make sure you get your download. It is available! For anyone else interested we hope one day it will come to print, but no word of it yet. 

It was a great opportunity of growth for our whole family, in committing to and supporting a project to completion. Jay felt like he grew stylistically and in storytelling. Here’s a few images from the process.

To keep alive in personal art space Jay spent a month-ish on Native American themes, and another month or so working through tiny sketchbooks and when I say tiny, I mean about 1.5″ x 3″ when laid flat! It was a constricting challenge. Time, tools, and space were all constricted purposefully in order to produce more creativity than he thought he had in him at the time. It worked! 

“Creativity thrives on constraints” -Jake Parker

Another month he picked a song and created a comic out of it. At the time, none of this felt like a lot to him. Looking back he can see progress and new ways of creating and thinking were forming inside. (Comic to be released on Gumroad)

This final strip of art encompasses a lot of where his mind and heart are right now…more on that next month…hopefully. :)

Thank you for being here. We hope these pieces and thoughts are an encouragement to you wherever this finds you.

Are you feeling hopeful as storytellers? If so, what do you feel has helped you get there? We’re gonna sign off here for this month, as always…

Create. Be Happy. Create More.

Jay & Raynna

Please share this with anyone else you think may be encouraged by these kind of updates. Thank you! 

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