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It’s been a busy time at Jay’s full-time job at HP, working on the Sprocket app that he was hired to redesign. The portable printer that the app works with was released in October. Everyday has been saturated with the goal of updating it to a new look and feel. This has taken a lot of his focus.

BUT, that’s not all we’ve been up to. See some of his and our kid’s most recent art below as well as our newest product: Yeti ‘Nother 2019 Calendar.

A lot of honest conversations lately that he is not hesitant to bring you in on. In all the busy he’s been fighting with art along the way, trying to understand his continued purpose. Some days have been easier than others, many days have been difficult. 

It’s also been a busy time around our home. All of our kids just participated in their own local art fair. It’s been neat watching them develop their own creativity and we’re so excited the way they are bringing their best.

What we have been learning through all of this is: endurance. Endurance is hard. We’re thankful for this Thanksgiving and the opportunity to have a few days for the mental break and time to relax as a family. We hope you all are getting the same. Remember, the highs and lulls of the creative life are real for all of us. Keep going.

Currently Jay is working on sequentials, which is how the panels in a comic are laid out, how you tell a story using panels to create a flow that leads a reader easily through a story. It is the design, the shape of boxes, all of it. One thing he’s come to recognize over time is that all of his energy does not need to go into drawing but also researching, studying, soaking up the creative juices of other artists who excel at what he’s working at.

Art by Sergio Toppi

Lately he has been relying heavily on Toppi and Sienkiewicz. Also, different but so much inspiration, listening to The Silmarillion.

After finishing his all-pencil sketchbook last month he’s been focusing on more watercolors again. What are you working on lately? It has been helping Jay to pick out a theme/goal for a month or so at at time.


Teaser from a long-term writing project of Jay’s called,
Consider the Ravens, a compilation of poems & stories:


Hoomanz were afeard ah dem
Dragos not do eats em
Not never wasn’t she feard ah dem
She herd em upup on er fawm
Wit all de an-mals der
She herd dem on er fawm an
Led em rest der ’eads

Den dey’d gront er peez
an gold an uder fancyfull stuffs.

Jay Myers, Consider the Ravens

The Goods:

Get a Year’s Worth of New Art on Your Walls: MrJayMyers’ Yeti ‘Nother 2019 Calendar

We’re really excited to finally get to offer Jay’s Sasquatch collection as a calendar! This has been a long-term project that feels great to release. You can get yours here.

Thank you for catching up with us! We hope you feel encouraged to keep going. Write us and let us know what you want to hear more about. Create, be happy, create more,

Have a great weekend everyone,

Jay & Raynna

Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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