“Invite us. Interrupt us. Be with us.” That’s some of what our kids said when we asked them what we could tell others about involving and coming alongside their own tribe in the creative life.

We have a solid twenty to thirty minute drive to just about everywhere we go, now that we live in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. This gives us a lot of good space for conversation as a family (when Jay and I feel up to facilitating anyways). But this day our conversation took on a life of its own the entire car ride.

Jay and I asked a few questions and they were all over it. All we had to do was ask more questions and listen, and I took some notes to share with you all while Jay drove. More below…

Jay’s recent sketching out ideas for upcoming Florid Sword Comic, based on The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson.

If you are just catching up with us in this space, my husband Jay is on a bit of a writing hiatus, so in the mean time I am essentially interviewing him (or our kids apparently ;) ) and together we are sharing our creative journey to serve and inspire fellow creative souls to not give up and to keep our eyes on the right things to help us all persevere.

We believe community is essential to the process and growth that can come from living the creative life, whether that’s how we are raising our families, setting our tables, writing songs, painting, drawing, writing, etc. Individually, Jay is a storyteller/illustrator and I am a writer/photographer. Together, we’re aiming for our best work to be evident in our crew of six, because they are definitely our most important. So, we thought we’d let you hear from them this week:

In all honestly, it felt like they were all saying the same thing over and over in different ways, but it was fun and insightful to listen close to the differences. It was mostly our teens (we have three right now) and pre-teen who chimed in the most. Here’s what they gave us:

  • “TALK, it’s important to ask if we want to spend some time creating together. Even if it appears like an interruption. Kids are sometimes too afraid or stubborn to ask for what they really want.”
  • “BE WITH US, just give us attention, every kid wants it. Kids like to be with and do what their parents are doing more than you know.”
  • “BE PATIENT, results may not be immediate — teens especially can be stubborn, be available. Just choose a table, or couch, any place without devices and screens and just be with us. Bring your sketchbook or project you are working on. Just your being where we can come be with you feels like an invitation.”
  • “KEEP SHOWING UP, put it on your calendar if you need to. We like to know you’re going to keep coming back.”
  • “GIVE US REAL ART TOOLS. Parents give their toddlers imitation power tools, lawn mowers, etc. try giving teenagers some ‘tools’ you like to use to get creative with too. We still like to try to be like you, we’re just less outward about it sometimes. Initiate.”
  • “Help us CONNECT with others in creative ways, it inspires us and gets the creative juices going.”

We hope listening in to the things the kids said spark some ideas inside of you the way it did us. They make it sound pretty easy and simple, right? It felt like the Nike slogan “Just Do It” became the theme of the night. Of course, the doing is another story. We’re a little ways in now, but still in the experimental stages honestly. Our oldest is seventeen and our youngest is six, but we think it’s going to be a story worth writing.

If you have found it challenging to cultivate and come alongside your kids in creative ways, you are not alone. What have you found most challenging and most effective in these goals? We’d love to hear.

Sketch book page this week.

What We’ve Been Reading:

We have been reading through The Chronicles of Narnia out-loud as a family this year. Before you get a cozy picture of all of us sitting peacefully around the fire, we’ll be the first to remind you that life is real at our house too.

We are currently on Prince Caspian, and our six year old is a little less interested than he was when it was all about Poly and Digory, but I have noticed him experimenting with a British accent more often, and [insert my own British accent] we find that brilliant.

The Full Color Collector’s Edition of The Chronicles of Narnia is currently discounted at 46% off from Amazon.


Here’s an excerpt from a long-term writing project of Jay’s, a compilation of stories called,
Consider the Ravens :


Writing for children must never sink.
Children are filled with wonder.
Wonder floats.
Writing for children
Must ascend to the heights,
To the heights of those who float
Who float and swim in the infinite.

Jay Myers, Consider the Ravens


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So much gratitude for all of your support! From being a part of our community, to sharing these posts, we seriously appreciate you!

Have a great week everyone. Create, be happy, create more,

Jay & Raynna

Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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