“Creativity is not a talent, it’s a quality of life that characterizes every aspect of human involvement. From the smallest mundane chores to the grandest works of art, creativity is not reserved for the professional artist or a select elite. It influences the way we cook our food and set our tables, the way we raise our children and take care of our cities. Every part of life can be endowed with the creative touch.”
-Steven Roach, Makers & Mystics Podcast Season 4, Episode 6

Last week we broached the subject of looking beyond what we do as creative souls to who we are. It was encouraging to get many of your responses. We apologize for not being able to respond to all as of yet. This is a piercing subject. This is the kind of conversation that if translated into what we do could shape not only who we are but what lives beyond us after we’re gone.

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. -J.R.R. Tolkien

These words touch on so many planes. In the case of creativity, of beauty, it is too easy to dismiss the value, too easy to miss what this brings into our lives and what the process bears in terms of character and awareness — not only for ourselves.

The last few weeks as Jay and I search for quiet moments in the days to connect we keep coming back to a similar theme — legacy. We agree that if we fail to aim for our best as parents or as husband and wife we’re missing the mark entirely. So with that firm, we’re also continually wanting to take an honest look at this question: What does it mean to live fully as ourselves in those roles — even as we lay our lives down in very real ways?

The hard work of living into our full potential in any role includes listening to the design of who we are, trusting it has a place, it fits, it matters. The joy in this is not only working hard at something, it’s rounding those mysterious corners, every once in awhile, that give you a glimpse into how and why being fully ourselves matters to the people we love the most.

It’s unnerving how close we have often been to giving up only to have a small voice enter the scene — our children, a friend, each other — telling us or showing us something true. Something that tells us, this is important. Who we are matters. Yes, from the mundane chores to the grandest works of art.

If you missed our post last week with what we hope are some helpful prompts to dig into this further, read more here.

Recent sketches as Jay explores the look and feel of Florid Sword & Shadow Blade for the comic he is working on for Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga.


Here’s an excerpt from a long-term writing project of Jay’s, a compilation of stories called,
Consider the Ravens :

Shall Not Pass

Soldier stood at birthing dawn
Battle cries not far gone
Stood there waiting for smoke to clear
As evil marched ever nearer

‘Halt,” he yelled, beneath iron tower
You shall not pass here this very hour
Though ogre and giant are within your sway
You shall not pass here, not this day.

Ogre screamed and giant roared
Overhead stone was hurled.
He stood his ground
As night came down

“Son, come in,
it’s time for dinner.”

-Jay Myers, Consider the Ravens


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Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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