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Where do stories come from? Little children often ask the question: where do babies come from? Depending on our comfort level we either squirm or just tell how it works. I like to just tell it how it is:

“There’s this invisible giant who walks around and plucks angels out of the clouds squishes them down into tinier angels, blows off their wings, and then gently places them on the doorstoop of the mum and da who wants them most.”

“What? Why does mum’s belly get so big?”

“Oh! That’s because she’s holding her breath hoping the giant will drop the wee one on our stoop rather than our neighbor’s.”

That’s how you all explain it, right? I kid. BUT, in all seriousness, stories are a lot like babies. They take two special ingredients (which are actually made up of many more): seed and water. A person must live a life to have a story—that’s the seed. A person must interact with others—that’s the water.

Personally, life around here has gotten even more interesting than normal over the last few months. I am in the midst of a job transition that has yet to fully unfold. As I venture deeper into this particular story, I need to press pause on my regular posting here on the blog.

My intention is to take a month away, but if you want to stay in touch in the mean time, Instagram will be the best place to find me. Some of you have asked how you can help our family out during this time, thank you! If you’d like some new art for your walls, there are some recent additions to the store, see more info below.


Here is another short “story”—I am writing a compilation of stories called, “Consider the Ravens”:


A faerie wind
sweeps in from
eternity’s glen.

It carries
the Creator’s breath.

It blows magic upon all
who hear.



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Thanks for all your support, in all the ways it is given and felt!


Have a great week everyone. Create, be happy, create more,


P.S.  Raynna and I are STILL concocting. Albeit there have been more pauses than we hoped, we have something that we’re hoping to announce soon. Thanks for being here everyone.

Also, get the free one page PDF: Fourteen Commitments for Artists to Cultivate Inspiration. My wife and I have packed it full for you.

Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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