When we become storytellers then we, by needs must become story-listeners. These two go hand in hand by necessity—to truly heal the world, we live in, we have to become listener and teller.

Listen to the preachers, the politicians, the teachers, musicians, the writers, the beggars, the fighters… the best of each has a story that compels us to want to hear more. They frame their tales in ways that create heroes and villains—sometimes they are the hero and sometimes they make us one—whatever they do, listen to how they do it. Listen and grow in the art of storytelling.

Our own story barrel will only be so deep, on our own, but when we begin to understand what others have gone through, whether tragedy, mediocrity or extreme bliss we expand our empathy and we are taught. We are enlarged.

Gaining the experiences, even troubles, of others and learning beyond our own story, will broaden our barrels. It will help us write, draw, explain—villains, heroes, visions of grandeur, depictions of poverty, and all the colors and places in-between.

I’d like to preface the next point I’ll make by telling you that I am the kind of person who often enjoys simply being alone, and quiet, with my own thoughts. Maybe that’s why I needed to write this and why it has become a part of my story.

I’ve noticed that as artists, sometimes we get the wrong thinking and operating going—that in order to be unique or original, means we have to be alone or lonely. I won’t deny that choosing to live true is difficult or lonely—at times.  But the reality is: we need each other.

We need each other’s imperfections and quirks, we need the rub of shoulders. In this daily wonder of living and breathing, next to each other, that is where sparks of insight and thought fly. Together is where the wild wind has a place to whip around and through, to slow and spin us and our tales. The tales we need to tell, the epics we need to listen for, they’re right where we are.

Find someone’s story to listen to this week. A great question to start, “So, what’s your story?”. Everyone has one. Feel free to come back and tell me about your experience in the comments, I’d enjoy hearing.



Here is another short “story”—I am writing a compilation of stories called, “Consider the Ravens”:


World has grown

All the seas are known

I heard you crying

From the cliffs at night

There’s no denying

You’re poised for flight.

So laugh as you fall

For the love of All.


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Have a great week everyone. Create, be happy, create more,


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Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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