Storytelling is an inescapable way of life. It is in the conversations we share, in the work that we do, when we are at the bank and need to explain our frustrations—we want, we need, others to hear and understand our stories. Story is the primal driver of life—when denied, it creates a chasm of confusion, disorder, and dysfunction. However, when we embrace this part—this primal necessity of story—we bring clarity, order, and healing to ourselves and those around us.

How do we deny story? That’s the easy part. Here’s the hard part:

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, day and night, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.” —E. E. CUMMINGS

Because living our true stories, the ones we are created for is, “the hardest battle which any human being can fight”, it is easier to live the broken, counterfeit version of ourselves, our stories. I’ve done this. Most notably as a child with the most fantastic (to me) “stories”, I was always amazed how others could tell I was lying.

But when I used to live behind the excuses of my art, “not being good enough” to share and kept it all to myself, I was doing this too. Likewise, when I said, “I’m a dad now, there’s no time”, I did it. I have to and will need to continually fight to not do this in some form. Here’s what I know: we’ll never escape being storytellers, but will we be truth-tellers or liars? We get to choose this, everyday anew. These choices will either be our inciting incidents: that lead us in new adventures/misadventures or they will be part of overcoming our crisis which leads us toward our climax.

Our world started, with “In the beginning” and since we have seen the rise and fall of many. We live in the conflicts and crisis, and the rising action of our world’s story. That’s good news. But we each need to share our part of the story.

Your story matters. You need to believe this—we all need to.

We have no idea the miraculous power held in our seed sized actions toward believing the importance of our part, but I can tell you it is transforming. When we walk in our true stories with freedom, we give others permission to do so as well. The great news here is this is not a pressure on us, the miracle is in the seed.  Plant well this week. Have faith that we are living and breathing in a design that has us each here for a reason.

Find someone to share your art, your story, with this week.


Keeping with my assertion that in sharing we will grow: Here is another short “story”—I am writing a compilation of stories called, “Consider the Ravens”:



The winter treats us all

Like kings

It paints a carpet

of glittering gems

And waits for us to fall.




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Have a great week everyone. Create, be happy, create more,


P.S. As I mentioned before, Raynna and I have been concocting something that we’re hoping to announce soon. Thanks for being here everyone!

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Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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