Last week, I began answering some objections and questions to sharing. I am going to continue with this direction—if you have any other questions/objections please feel free to ask/share them in the comments below.

Can’t I become masterful without sharing?

Yes. But how will we ever know we’ve gained it? What will measure our growth by?

The reality is that without sharing neither we, nor anyone else will know how good we are, we will never achieve the much needed, critical, critique, and our growth will only be self-defined—which as I mentioned last week leads to two possible outcomes.

Sharing frees us from self defeat and false pride.

Why does it matter what others think?

It doesn’t—it doesn’t if we are only bettering our skills for ourselves. In other words, if our skills goal isn’t professional (full-time or on-the-side) use, then none of this sharing stuff matters. If, however, we are working toward a profession then sharing matters—because it will prepare us to confidently show our clients the work they’ve paid for. (An added benefit is that when we share openly we can learn to take critique—all clients freely give this—in order to produce something better.)

Sharing—communication—is the main reason we are on this earth. Sharing causes us to grow naturally and in a healthy way.

I don’t want to share subpar art, writing, music.

I get this. I’ve had the feelings myself. As I shared before, this isn’t about putting out cheap, lame, work—it’s about putting out our best possible work. Because we are practicing this will constantly change. What was good for us three months ago likely won’t be now. But, if we let that stop us from sharing, then we could be dead before we ever believe that we are good enough to.

If, as I mentioned before, we treat our art form/skill as a day job, we’d be learning on the job and we’d have to share what we’ve done—no matter how good or bad it was.

Do you feel you’re where you want to be as an artist?

I don’t have the opinion that my art has arrived. I have a healthy discontent. I am studying and working hard to become better. Sometimes, I get that much needed feedback and other times—I get crickets. But, my confidence in sharing has grown and I am no longer afraid I am not good enough. I am as good as I can be—now. I have just decided that no good will come from me hoarding my art until I am “good enough”.

Create. Be happy (today with the art you make) and share it. Then, aim to create something better the next time. Create. Be Happy. Create More.



Keeping with my assertion that in sharing we will grow: Here is another short “story”—I am going through a compilation of stories called, “Consider the Ravens”:



Round and round the world turns on the spindle of God’s kindness.

The yarn He spins is a tale that’s true.





Commissions Available:


Here’s more info on the commissions I am opening up.

Here is what you will get:
An 8×10 watercolor on watercolor paper (cold press 140lb)
Examples of commission ideas:

  • Characters from your favorite films
  • Scenes from your favorite book
  • A Woodland Wanderers, Homemade Heroes, Handcrafted Hooligans, or any all-age character of your choosing (this could be a superhero, a film character, etc. will email you regarding which character)

Each painting will be bagged, protected, and shipped as soon as it’s complete.
If you follow my any of my networks, you will see process shots of the project (ex. I am currently working on the Hagrid above.)

All of this will only cost $100 shipping, in the USA, is included.
It would be great to get 5 commissions. Thank you everyone for your support!
I have set up a commission spot on my store and it is available immediately.

Remember, find someone to share with.

Have a great week everyone. Create, be happy, create more,


P.S. As I mentioned before, Raynna and I have been concocting something that we’re hoping to announce soon. Thanks for being here everyone!

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Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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