Hello and welcome to the week.
How are you all doing? Are you courageously doing your art and growing your skills? Do you have someone who encourages you to daily attack your art and stick to your goals? Are you that for someone else? 
How many times have you said, “I give up”?

I truly used to do it daily. I’d go on Instagram and see Parker, Brown, Creature Box, my brother, and so many others doing stuff I thought was impossible.

<Enter wife> in the messy puddle of discouragement I was wallowing in. She’d enter pick me up and help me have the strength to push on. I am so glad she did. I needed encouragement.

We need encouragement. So, because I had it and know what it feels like to be discouraged, I choose to do it for others. I do it even if they’ve never done it for me. You should too. Why? Because they need it and  giving what you need helps you as well. One day, someone will return that favor. But, besides what you might get in the future, give it, because it’s what you need. Because you know how it feels when it’s absent.

When you encourage, be specific. “Great looking hands” goes a long way for someone struggling to draw hands. “Your inking is incredible” goes a long way when the self talk in most artists is: “I suck at this”. We all do it sometimes. Speak the opposite to those around you.

Here’s how we put it in Thirteen Commitments for Artists to Cultivate Inspiration: “I commit to encouraging others, believing we need each other in order to fulfill the potential we are born with. “…whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” (Prov. 11:25)”Get your free copy here.
By the way, I’ve collected all of the “Thirteen Commitment” posts, so far, under one link. Please share them with the artists you know. You can find them here.

Recent Art:


I have been looking for a mobile dip pen solution for a while now. The Jinhoa x750 paired together with the Zebra Comic G Nib is my favorite solution so far. I also discovered Platinum Carbon Ink  which works wonderfully. Once dry it doesn’t lose richness when erased over. Also, you can use water on it with minimal washout. My biggest struggle is learning to use dip pen again. One warning: The pen will need plenty of cleaning and you’ll sometimes need to tap the nib to get it flowing again. For me this is a small small price to pay for a great mobile dip pen solution.


What’s the best encouragement you’ve received?

Have a great week everyone. Create, be happy, create more,


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Jay Myers: Curtesy of Raynna Myers

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