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Every once-in-awhile in life we get the opportunity to connect with like-minded, like-hearted people and projects, beyond ourselves. So, right now, I am extremely thrilled to have recently been invited to do just that and I want to invite you to as well.

Have you heard of, the vast and perilous like “Lord of the Rings” meets the whimsy of “The Princess Bride”, fantasy tale called, The Wingfeather Saga? Our family just discovered this four part fiction series this past summer. It is wonderful.


If you’ve been tracking with me long, you know I love whimsy and fairytales, because it’s fun and because there can often be immense truth within them. The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson, has both. It’s the kind of tale you want your kids to read and they want to read too.


Actually our whole family is hooked. Before finishing book one our kids wanted to see if it had been made into a movie yet. It was already playing strong across the landscapes of their imaginations.

Well, there wasn’t, but an animated series is now in the process!  I’ve been invited along with other amazing artists like, Corey Godbey, Doug TenNapel, and Justin Gerard to come alongside The Wingfeather Saga Animated Series KickStarter Campaign to make it soar to the highest goals possible. I really want to do this.

Would you consider joining me and watch this massive and meaningful endeavor unfold? They’ve already made KickStarter history and surpassed the largest fiction campaign goals and are now into stretch goals.

This is where I get to come in. If they reach their next stretch goal of $230,000 in the next 23 hours they will unlock a new level of rewards, including a comic I will get to work on with Andrew Peterson. Here’s the amazing part: they’re already 84% funded.

Let’s beat some dragons guys. I’m writing today to ask you to back this campaign with me, the purpose is strong and the rewards are completely awesome too. Here’s the link to learn more:  rndm.us/wf

And here’s some of the fun I’ve already been having: (nothing official here, just playing with the characters!)



Thanks for all your support!


imageI, Jay Myers, am a husband, father, and storyteller. I write/illustrate short stories, myths, and adventures.

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