Giant Storm

February 4, 2015By jayBlog


A giant wakes up and as he has done for hundreds of years he proceeds to ravage the islands where he has made his home. As he makes his way he sees something, a tiny something, moving toward him while all else flees his presence.

He is captivated by this daring creature and this sets up a stand off between a giant storm and a brave little girl.


The Majesty

February 1, 2015By jayBlog

Here are some character designs I created for a short story. I don’t do a lot with rhyme and verse, but I have been doing more. Both the designs and story are still in the rough stage. But, I like where both of them are headed. I hope you enjoy.

The spirits were weeping as they climbed the mountain over rugged terrain.
They were weighed down and heavy as they left their last domain.

They carried with them upon their backs,
the weight of their world
in cluttered packs.
At once, the skies grew dark and a storm unfurled.
Then was unleashed an unfettered attack.

The cry came from way below.
Then the lovers of death began to show.
And so,
the spirits were trapped because they moved too slow.

A voice from above rung through the clouds.
“Remove your packs, for crying out loud!”

The spirits all trembled, yet some obeyed.
Those floated upward while the others just stayed.
And gazed.

The attackers swarmed them like ants on grain.
But the weighed down ones could only cried out the name.

With that, the storm split apart as Fire shot down.
It created a barrier that swirled all around.
Around those who were weighed way down to the ground.

Then the Majesty stepped out into his consuming fire,
And he removed from the spirits the packs of latent desire.

Then the Majesty swooped up all the spirit who’re left.
And then he wiped out all the attackers:
Those lovers of death.