January 13, 2015By jayart, Blog

Welcome to the New Year—I hope it’s behaving well enough for you.

I have giants on my mind. Through December I was trying to decide if I was going to continue to pursue this art path of Author/Illustrator. In that time, I gave up drawing altogether. It was a giant decision that I had to determine if it belonged in our home and with our family.

My family and I prayed. The month came and went and I still didn’t have an answer—until the first week of January when we as a family decided yes, I would continue. My first real drawing * was titled, Roam:

No place to lay his head—
ever forced to roam.
Wearily carrying his home—
Longing for hearth and bed.

Keeping with that theme I finished this piece last night entitled, Mountain Born:

A giant is born of mountain.
The first sound he hears are destruction and decimation.
Into this world he climbs with none to care.
His heart is stone from birth.
But he longs to be known.
To have a home.


*UPDATE: my wife reminded me that I did this drawing of a king.



January 5, 2015By jayart, Blog

Winter treats everyone like kings:
it lays a carpet of glittering gems
and waits for us to fall.


Here are some extra images before using a filter: