September 16, 2014By jayBlog

While at the Cincy comic con (I am going to post all of the commissions as soon as possible. I am waiting on some scans.) I was commissioned to do Gandalf. I enjoyed doing this one so much. IMG_0761.JPG

That when the #sketch_dailies presented G and the daily I wanted to draw him again—this time referencing the description that Bilbo gave of him in “There and Back Again – A Hobbit’s Tale”.


I enjoyed doing both of these very much.

The original is available on my store.

Oh, Groot.

September 3, 2014By jayBlog

Hey all, I thought I’d share with you my latest print: Chia Groot.
I will have a limited amount available, this weekend, at CincyComicon. Also, remember I have a 40% (CODE: ComicLabor) off all originals at my store.

Click to view larger version:



Tools: Blackwing pencil, Photoshop


TreeBeard Groot

September 1, 2014By jayBlog

“Ho there, Treebeard!” “I am Groot.”

Reminder, I’ll be at #Cincycomicon this coming weekend. Sept 5-7.

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