The Hobbit

December 29, 2013By jayart, Blog


I am going to try, again, to keep my blog up-to-date. These were created in honor of The Hobbit. I will be coloring these soon and will post them also when I do. Bilbo_sm radagast_sm radagast_bw_sm

Star Wars

December 28, 2013By jayart, Blog

Recently, I completed five illustrations based on the Star Wars characters.  I really enjoyed the project and am finalizing them for their new home.




December 24, 2013By jayart, Blog


Those who know me, well enough, know that my favorite mythical creature is Bigfoot. Here is a recent Bigfoot character design.

As an added bonus, check out: Google’s Book NGram Viewer. This tells you the occurrence of words in literature between the selected dates. I have this one preset to look up Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk ape, and Yeti between the dates 1800-2000.

I hope you enjoy.