Daily Sketches

July 22, 2013By jayart, Blog

Hey all, I wanted to share some of my 10 minute daily sketches.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these sketches you can find then here in my store.

Blog Update

July 15, 2013By jayBlog

I haven’t known what to write for a while now. I am working on bettering my skills and am building up my story vault. I have several that I am eager to share, but I need to keep focused. That said, I have a few illustrations I would like to share. The first two are bad photos of a movie night draw at Movie Tavern.


Pacific Rim

The second two are samples from 10 minute drawings that I do most days.

Marvin the Martian


The Greatest American Hero


I hope to post more images soon. All art is or will be available for sale on my store.