Movie Draw

June 18, 2013By jayBlog


What do Iron Man, Star Trek, and Superman have in common?

Draw night!


For the past three big movie releases, Iron Man, Star Trek, and the man of steel, I have joined a group of local artists at MovieTavern for a Movie Draw Night. It has been challenging and enjoyable. I have enjoyed having to draw in public as well as interacting and learning from the other artists there.





Inking Practice

June 4, 2013By jayBlog

Training__em_early._Three_of_my_kids_inking_my_art._I_turned_my_inks_to_blue_lines_then_printed_them_out.__shareHey All,

This is just a short note to tell you that I plan on making some of my inks, in blue lines, available as free downloads. I will do this every now and then on inks I am particularly fond of. What is the purpose? Well, I am told I have g a good inking style. And my hope is that others who are just learning can use it to understand how to ink better.

The photos show my children doing it and they have done well. I saw some improvement in their art as well as a direct result of tracing my forms and figures.

When you get to gumroad you will need to enter a 0.00 price in, because it expects you to enter it.

Then once you download the file it is ready to be printed out. You can set it to economy print and it will print lightly. This will allow you to change lines here and there as you see fit. If you download the files, let me know what you think and maybe share this link with others.


Bear-Thrower: Blue lines ink practice 

Tomy and BearStalker: Blue lines ink practice

Thank you very much for following along on this blog or whatever media you follow me. Also, I will post more in the future. If you remember a drawing that you particularly enjoyed let me know. I might make it the next one for download.

(Also, as with any artist, any support you can give by visiting my store please do. I am trying to work toward being a full-time storyteller and get some stories published.)