Ephemera Festival

May 29, 2013By jayBlog

544218_10151299973070855_126301251_nI am going to have a table to present my art, for the first time, this weekend—at the Ephemera Festival. I should have posted this weeks ago, but between preparing for the fest and preparing to move I have been lax on preparing a notice. If you are in or around Lexington, Ky, come out and support the indie artists showing at the fest.

banner_Josh2Hopefully, my next post will be photos of the table set up. Here is a photo of my banner and my 6 yr old.

Ephemera Fest
June 1st,
1-7 pm

Tadoo Lounge
434 Old Vine
Lexington, Ky

Iron Man 3

May 2, 2013By jayBlog


Recently, I have been on an Iron Man kick. This is primarily because of the movie and a draw night at a local theater. I haven’t ever really taken the time to figure him and so, I challenged myself to draw him the best I could and be happy with it. I am glad to say, I am.
Coinciding with this desire to learn how to draw this man, came my 2000th follower on Instagram. So, I created the above art as a giveaway. That went really well. I was very please with the outcome.

If all goes according to plan, this weekend I will take part in my first public draw and afterwards I will see Iron Man 3.