Tomy and Jon Weekend Adventure

October 2, 2012By jayFaerie-tales, review, Writing

Two weekends ago, I gave both issues of The Adventures of Tomy and Jon, on Amazon, away for free. I had intended to to a post on this blog, but that didn’t happen. So how did that go? and why did I do it?

Here is the report: 613 total books were downloaded. More people downloaded Tomy and Jon in two days, than all of months prior.

The reality is I get zilch, monetarily, from this venture. However, if even 3% (18) of those people return with favorable reviews then that will better my standings in the Children’s Book fairy tale section—of paid ebooks. Yes, I would prefer 10% which is still only 60 people, but seeing as that often isn’t the case 3% would be wonderful.