Unblocking blocks

July 25, 2012By jayart, story, Writing

What does a writer write to follow up a blog post that he has moved and there are big plans in the works? I wasn’t sure. There have been big life occurrences, visitors from out-of-town, but primarily—a lingering “what-do-I-write-now” type of block happening.

There are times when a block is because of fear. Fear of failure, of putting myself out there and coming up short, fear of the unknown, and fear. There are times it’s more. There are times it’s other things. This time was a fear. Not a paralyzing fear, but an evasive one. One that caused me to procrastinate. I was moving forward elsewhere, but not here. (more…)


July 14, 2012By jayart, miscelany, story, Writing

As a subscriber to this blog, you may have just received an email that was very similar—ok, I’ll just say it, it was identical to one you received previously. It was an accident. However, it was a happy accident. If you look at the URL you will notice that it no longer says, RandomlyOrganized.com. This is because that URL is going the way of the winterized bear. It will remain available, but will dormant.

As of June fifth, I had been writing on RO for two years. That was very cool thing. Randomly Organized began as a place for me to blog random items, but grew into a place where I wanted to share stories—written or otherwise.

By June fifth, I knew what I wanted to do. I dedicated myself to writing for 15 days, wrote, and I succeeded in telling a fable both visually and written. During discussions with my wife, we concluded that RO was good for what it did, but it wasn’t “it”. It was a path to “it”.

So, now, bad punctuation in hand, art not perfected, and a heart’s desire to tell tales: I am (my family with me) launching mrjaymyers.com (jaymyers and several other permutations were already taken) with a focus on Storytelling.

I apologize for the happy accident, but not for the opportunity it provided to share with you our forward motion away from the random organization to one of random tales. We might not have it figured out, but we feel that this is the right next step. Thanks for being with us through it.

Character Attribute Generator

July 14, 2012By jayart, Faerie-tales

This last week, I found out about a website that will randomly generate characteristics for artists to create new characters. You can find it here: PickleKitty’s Character Attribute Randomizer! (UPDATE: this is no longer functioning)  This is the character I created from that tool.

If your struggling with what to draw. Check it out.