Children are from Faerie

April 10, 2012By jayart, Faerie-tales, religion, story, Writing

The crazy thing about kids is that they have an uncanny ability to imagine whole worlds—while sitting in an empty old box. They can see it and it becomes as real to them as life itself.

When my eldest son was around two he began to show his life-love of horses. He would fly out of his room yelling, “The horses! The horses are coming!” What would follow was a stampede of about a thousand invisible wild horses. He would grab his invisible whip, mount his invisible mustang, and then pursue the wild herd throughout the house. At night, he would hang his whip, hat, and saddle up and in the morning he would rise and put them all back on.

This was one of his first beliefs. It was a belief in the invisible, the intangible, the ineffable. He held this belief so strong that if need be I could take the whip away, hang it on a wall, and tell him he couldn’t have it until later. Later, with his eye on the whip on the wall—exactly where I had placed it, he would ask, “have my whip, Daddy?”.

This type of belief runs rampant in children. It is the imagined unimaginable. This is Faerie. It is the place of possibility.

In our home, the God of Israel’s creative life-source is Faerie. It is the tangibly intangible. It is the invisible domain of imaginatively-visible: horses, whips, dragons, Bigfeet, hobbits, and so much more. But to enter Faerie, we must enter as a child does—with pure belief. With belief so raw that we can experience its removal and long for its restoration.

Children are from Faerie. They are cut from that roughly hewn rock of belief. They are the Wilds (as I call it in my western fairytale series) all wrapped up in a fragile skin. As we grow older we become more tame. The more tame we become, the less we remember Faerie. The less we remember, the harder it is to believe. But, children, even the most mistreated, can find the doorways to Faerie. (It might not the be bright fairy side, but they still find the invisible, intangible, and ineffable.) Children are their parents link to the world of raw belief.

Hopefully, when the day arrives and our children run away to Faerie land, we will choose to join them in their Faerie land adventures. As often as we do, we too will remember.

Coloring Contest

April 6, 2012By jayart, Writing

Over at my site we have announced a Coloring Contest. You can find out the details there, but the primary points that I want to share here are:

  • April 22nd is the deadline.
  • Four winners will receive an original illustration signed by me.

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