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In July, I posted my reasons for removing comments from my site. I have followed a trend in writers and commentators. Removing comments allows me to focus on the writing and not the spam/comment approval.

If you desire to comment on a post, I have added a “Comment via Twitter” link in the sidebar of the post. Also, there is a “Tweet” button at the bottom in the sidebar which will allow you to tweet the post if you so desire.

Journey to the Goal

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Being a writer and an illustrator is both rewarding and frustrating. So, often my memory muscles aren’t as strong as I would like. Many times it is a lack of strength to overcome frustration or being overwhelmed with the dailies (the stuff we all have to do) that I find it difficult to proceed.

But, all that aside, it is who I am. I have been working toward this goal, off and on, all my life. I have given it up, returned, and have even seen progress in my giving up—that part is just plain weird. My goal is what I was created to do. Some days I do it better than others, but overall it is what brings me satisfaction.

Even so, I am having to find my own way through and it’s slow going.

I want to have arrived.
I feel the need to have arrived.
But, I haven’t.

I am not sure anyone ever does arrive.

I am closer now than I ever was before. I am freer in my work. I haven’t given up. Both of these mean that I have matured—a bit (even if it is only a smidgen).

I am pushing myself, I am publishing, and I am hoping that I will continue to grow and I receive critique about my work. I am not the best writer. I am not the best illustrator. However, I am working hard to become better than I have ever been. This is the journey. The journey is the goal. Thanks for traveling with me through the muck and mire, through the mountains and valleys, and through thick posts and thin.

Just this week, my eBook was published at Amazon and iTunes. It isn’t everything I had hoped for, but I am doing it. I will grow and continue. Join up at to find out when the next issue will be released.




My first eBook is now live

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I have written about this project over the past few months. This is my first foray into actually publishing something and I am both nervous and stoked. If you are interested in a short story-time tale check out: The Adventures of Tomy and Jon: #1 Horse’n Around[Amazon Link]

Here is the description that you will find at Amazon:

The Adventures of Tomy and Jon is an American Wild West Faerie-tale series set in the time of the western expansion. It chronicles the life and the adventures of the Levi family on the frontier as they carve out their homestead.

Horse’n Around begins their adventures.

The tales are filled with adventure, rescues, unexpected creatures, gun use, strong masculine and feminine characters, and morals.

Each, eBook, story is about 1500 words, includes several spot illustrations, and most issues will be self-contained—which is perfect for story-time.

If you are interested in following an adventure story that will evolve over-time pick up a copy and signup at for future notification. It’s just .99¢.

The Amazon sample is not working correctly. I am working to correct this.
UPDATE: The subscription form was strangely missing from the site. That has been fixed.



The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum [Amazon Link]

Wonderful? Wonder-filled is more like it. Baum has created a magically “safe” faerie-tale. It is filled with entirely-creative creatures and ironies. From the very beginning, the reader is brought into an enchanted land that is unbelievably believable.

However, I can’t say that the first book in the Oz series is really all that wonderful. In fact it was, oft times, drudgery to read. There were times when I had to push myself on to the next page. Saying that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything I liked about it.

There was.

In fact the book has a very many great creative ideas. I just don’t feel that it was well written as a children’s story. It felt more like a book that was written to have been seen—either on stage or in a movie. It felt, at times, like more of an outline. An outline that the actor was meant to fill in the holes with some sort of visual experience. It felt like this because Baum tells more than he shows. I was told more times than not what Dorothy was thinking. (To be fair, this happened more at the beginning than through the middle.) It would have been a more entertaining read if its action and dialogue were more shown.

Maybe it is my age. Maybe a child would find it more entertaining. I am not sure. I enjoy so many “children’s books” that my first reaction is that it is the writing. 

As I read I couldn’t help but think about Baum’s career. He was used to writing plays. He was used to having actors fill in the holes with action. The story is great from that perspective, and it is perfect from a comic book perspective.

I read Oz just a month ago. I had never read it before and had only relied on the movie as a source of Oz info. For example: I never knew that there were some 13 (I believe that number is correct) other books in the Oz series. I thought it was a one off. Boy, was I wrong. Add to this that I never knew Baum’s history—which is a very rich history and a good read in its own right.

So, I set out to read it. I accomplished that.

As I said before, from a comic/illustrated perspective I could tell Oz would be perfect. It tells enough that an illustrator would not be hard pressed to create a picture to match the scene. Oh, if only it was in comic format.

Marvel to the rescue: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [Amazon Link]

In the process of trying to read Baum’s book, I stepped out to the library and picked up Eric Shanower (Author), Skottie Young‘s (Illustrator) take on Oz. As I said before, it was perfect. Baum was meant to be a comic book/play writer.

Before you pick up the graphic novel you need to understand that there have been some (needed) liberties taken with it. It’s not a word for word reproduction—it couldn’t/shouldn’t be. It is extremely close.

I read them both at the same time. Adding in the Marvel spin increased my willingness to continue and to complete my agenda. I will end up purchasing the comic versions and will read them to gain more Oz knowledge. I doubt, unless I am coerced that I will pick up another Baum book. We will see.

L. Frank Baum’s world is beautiful. It is ironic. It is magical. Shanower and Young have brought to life something that would make Baum proud. Even now, after having read through and experienced the comic version, I can’t help but imagine a better Oz movie. One that is more true to the book. One that captures what the sing-song version does not—the mystery. One more like the comic.

If you have never read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz [Amazon Link], I do suggest it. It is so much more than the movie. But, if you really want to enjoy it pick up a copy of Marvel’s graphic novel and read it along side—it will be worth it.