I have updated my Mac to OS X Lion and overall I am very satisfied. There are a few nuances that are nuisances. Take Launchpad. Great idea, bad implementation.

Launchpad (LP) finds all available apps in the Applications, downloads, system folder, and a few other places it seems (though I could be wrong about that). It should grab all the apps I have available that isn’t the bad part. The bad part is that I can not, easily, decide what goes in and what is taken out. There should be someway to manage the apps that are in LP. Kind of a built in iTunes app organizer—but better.

One odd thing is that uninstallers and various other “apps” are added to LP. It is indiscriminate in what is added. Weird. I don’t like that. Especially when taken together with the fact that it is difficult to remove apps.

I understand adding everything from the applications folder. I even understand the uninstallers what I don’t understand is the aliases. I had a folder with Adobe app aliases I kept the containing folder on my Dock. Launchpad added them. I had each Adobe app showing up in LP twice. Odd.

Another oddity is that if you delete an app from LP it deletes it from your computer—this only applies to app store apps. I would prefer to be able to delete any app from LP without deleting it from my system. I would prefer that (x)ing out an app simply removes it from LP. It is just clunky in its present state it is very unApple.

However, I do like the idea behind LP. I prefer it to the Applications folder. I could see never entering the Applications folder again if I could just manage LP better.

Two tools that I have found that are worth looking into are:

Clearing Launchpad

And Launchpad-Control

Both are use at your own risk. But, I first used Clearing Launchpad and then found Launchpad-Control. I will probably use both.

I can’t stand Launchpad. It resets itself after restart or something. I am not sure what the default reset is (because I don’t restart very often)—all I know is that I get everything working and apps set up the way I want them and then, reset. So, until LP is customizable via an Apple-created interface I am done with it. I was becoming the perfect compliment to Quicksilver.