Thanks to Ray, over at Elowrah, I found out that the fifth of June was exactly my one year mark. I began with a post, entitled: Randomly Organized—I used the dummy hello-world and forgot to rename the link, but it was mildly appropriate. And, on June fifth of this year I completed a cycle with a posting, entitled: Pandas—also mildly appropriate as it explains how I un-stump myself. Since it has been a year of stumping and un-stumping.

I didn’t start out strong and there were many gaps in between, but I have succeeded in doing what I intended with it: posting about technology (mainly Apple and Adobe), about illustrations, religion, and last but not least writing. (In case you aren’t sure what that picture is about: it is my tag cloud. In short, it displays the content I have tagged the most. So, it appears that technology is my most written about subject; quickly followed by writing and apple.)

So, now that a year has passed, I think it might be good to reevaluate and randomize a bit more—not really. My random musings are in fact the intention of this blog. What I would like to do is write more; share my illustrations more; and, post more random technology and religious material. I have a few posts in the making and am excited to see them published.

Looking forward to tomorrow—while enjoying today.

Thanks for reading, Ray.