March 23, 2011By jayart, miscelany, technology

I have always been a barefootite. I prefer it. When I am out with my kids and it’s time to chase I toss my shoes aside—because I run better and faster, barefoot. However, the older I became the less I was allowed to be barefoot. (Although by the callouses on my feet you wouldn’t be able to tell that I haven’t still been going barefoot.) So, when I came across a shoe that was more barefoot in nature—I was immediately intrigued.

Enter Vibram.

So, last night, I did my first barefoot, long, run in years… I loved it. My specific shoe seems to have an issue but overall the experience was great.

Nursery Rhymes with Storytime iPad app

March 18, 2011By jayapplications, art, miscelany, technology

This app combo shows the amazing capabilities that we now have in the mobile environment.

While I don’t have an iPad, from the video, I would love the app just for the design. Although I want it, there are a couple of things I would like added:

  1. some sort of Facetime connectivity rather than just voice
  2. and because I can’t tell from the video: interaction from one device affecting the other.

Nursery Rhymes with Storytime [TechCrunch link]

Nursery Rhymes with Storytime [iTunes link]

“Wallaby” Flash-to-HTML5

March 8, 2011By jayapplications, technology

Flash is how I have made my livelihood for years. I am eager to see how this new tool works. At the moment there isn’t any ActionScript support.

Adobe’s job is to help you solve problems, not to get hung up on one technology vs. another.

Millions of people have honed their Web animation skills in Flash, and now their customers want content that can run anywhere, including on non-Flash-enabled devices. Accordingly Adobe’s releasing ”Wallaby,” an experimental Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool. For now it’s aimed at WebKit-based browsers (notably Safari & Chrome):

The focus for this initial version of Wallaby is to do the best job possible of converting typical banner ads to HTML5. Wallaby does a good job of converting graphical content along with complex, timeline-based animation to HTML5 in a form that can be viewed with browsers using a WebKit rendering engine. Supported WebKit browsers include Chrome and Safari on OSX, Windows, and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod).

Wallaby’s design goal was not to produce final-form HTML ready for deployment to web pages. Instead it focuses on converting the rich animated graphical content into a form that can easily be imported into other web pages in development with web page design tools like Dreamweaver.

“Wallaby” Flash-to-HTML5