Eve and Day

December 25, 2010By jaymiscelany, religion

So, what is this whole Christmas Eve thing about?

Because Christianity was originally a sect within Judaism it utilised the same calendar. When Christianity began to become primarily non-Jewish in it’s practices it maintained much of the Jewish timetables, however, in many cases it altered the exact timing—to separate itself from Judaism.

But, to get to the topic at hand:
“Eve” is a reference to evening. As in the verses in Genesis 1:3-5

God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light! God saw that the light was good, so God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day” and the darkness “night.” There was evening, and there was morning, the first day.

In the Jewish tradition a day begins in the evening when the sun has set. So, a day begins the night before and ends the night of. Friday night is actually, in Jewish tradition, the beginning of the day and sunset Saturday night is the end of the previous day and the beginning of a new day.

It is slightly confusing for those of us who haven’t been raised to think of night as the beginning and day the end. Christmas
begins on the Eve of Christmas and ends the night after Christmas day.

The Definition of Irony:

December 22, 2010By jayhumor, miscelany, technology

WikiLeaks’ Assange complains he’s victim of leaks

“The leak of the police report to The Guardian was clearly designed to undermine my bail application. It was timed to come up on the desk of the judge that morning,” Assange was quoted as saying in Tuesday’s paper. “Someone in authority clearly intended to keep Julian in prison, and shopped (the report) around to other newspapers as well.”

iPhone Capitalization

December 14, 2010By jaytechnology

There are several ways to use capitals on the iPhone.

  1. Turn on the double tap feature: Settings:General:Keyboard:Enable Caps Lock. Then in a writing app (Mail for example): Double-tap the Shift key (see photo)
  2. Tap-and-hold the Shift key (see photo) with one finger/thumb and then type with another.
  3. Tap-and-hold the Shift key (see photo) then drag finger/thumb to the letter.

Of these options I use one and two most often. Rarely have I had either need or desire to do the tap-drag option. It is too much work.

I write like

December 11, 2010By jayhumor, miscelany, Writing

I write like: a girl. A famous girl. Ursula K. Le Guin to be exact. I, also, write like: Tolkien, King, Dan Brown, William Gibson, and a few others. The last time I checked, though, I wrote like J.D. Salinger.

How do I know this?—you might wonder. Well, that is easy. I just do.

That and because iwl.me told me so.

Want proof? http://iwl.me/s/8bf4a8b3

However, this little ditty of a post I just… umm… penned got me a James Joyce.

Check out iwl.me. It is entertaining to say the least.
You should note that your options will (or might) change from one paragraph to another even within a singular story.

Google Books

December 6, 2010By jayapplications, technology, Writing

Google has released their foray into the book club. Well, technically the mobile bookstore club—joining Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, and the like. So, I have taken a few minutes to test the iOS iPhone version. It’s not bad.

The one thing I kind of sort of like, but am not entirely sure of is the magnifier. If I hold my finger over a bit of text for a short second or so, the magnifier appears. I like the fact that my text is now large, but don’t like the way it is now large.

In this picture attached it looks alright. However, in use it feels wrong. No pun intended, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think it is the wobbliness of the text as I am trying to pan around to read the information. Yes, that wobbliness is my movement, though it could have been implemented to snap to a grid rather than free-form wobble anywhere my finger goes.