3rd iPhone

August 25, 2010By jaytechnology

My first iPhone I replaced the same day I got it. It had a bad camera. The front-facing camera was great the back-facing one was banding every image. I returned it, to AT&T and received number two (2).

Number two, had the barrage of issues (which, I have written about previously). I, finally, replaced it because of a calendar syncing issue:

  • I would restore the phone to new (through iTunes). I did this five (5) times.
  • Each time, the calendar would start to work and my events would display—all was well.
  • Then, I would add a new item.
  • The cal would act like it was syncing.
  • Then, it would sit there trying to sync.
  • Then, all my events would disappear from the phone.

I would leave it alone to see if it just needed a bit more time and it would never sync. (The genius bar employee said he had never even heard of this issue.)

So, now I have the new phone. It has the standard issues that everyone is waiting for a patch for: proximity sensor issues, and a few other flaky items.

The particular issue I would love to see fixed and haven’t read much about is the connectivity issue.

Maybe you have experienced it? It goes something like this:

Phone rings in: “Hello!?”

“Oh, I am sorry, I can’t hear you. Can you call me back?” or “…if you can hear me I’ll have to call you back.”

I never had this issue under iOS 3+, but as soon as I upgraded to 4—as Steve would say, “boom.” (This issue did happen under [iOS] 1 or 2 I can’t remember which. But, it was fixed.)

It happens to me almost every single call. All three (3) of my iPhones had this issue. Not fun.

Between my wife and myself we have it happening almost every single call. I restored hers, but it came back. I have a coworker that doesn’t even answer her phone anymore because it happens (now) on a regular basis.

You can elevate the problem by restoring to new. But, that is a load of fun and doesn’t cure it. Hopefully the new update, that should be out soon, will fix this particularly unreceptive bug.

We should see, within a couple of weeks, the update.

MS vs Apple

August 9, 2010By jaytechnology

Microsoft has created a new PC vs Mac page.

It is Microsoft ugly.
The sad thing is that they can’t even make a decent looking URL.

Now compare:
Apple’s Mac vs PC

Apple: short and classy.
MS: long and cumbersome.