July 23, 2010By jaymiscelany, Writing

I have heard a continuous flow of the use of “proly.” I have noticed that if I am not careful I, too, will accidently skip the “bab.” I wouldn’t be shocked if someday the use of proly overtakes “probably” and becomes the norm. Listen you will hear it daily.

Adobe CS 5 CS Live.

July 17, 2010By jaytechnology

After using CS 3, and 4, I purchased CS 5. I looked forward to being able to continue to use the CS Live elements.

What I found was that after upgrading CS Live wouldn’t connect to my network. I searched the issue and found others had the same issue.

I followed one set of directions:

It didn’t work. I ran uninstall for CS 3, 4, and 5. I also ran the CS cleaner scripts for each. Nothing.

Now, here is the kicker. I finally called Customer Service and spent about two hours talking with a customer service professional (CSP). At the end of the conversation, when they could think of nothing else, they said, create a new user account.

I did.

CS Live worked.

The CSP said, “Whelp, that’s fixed.”
I said, “No, it’s not. That isn’t a solution.” We went back and forth. I will spare you the details.

Just last week I decided to try to migrate to the new account. It failed. There was just too much to transfer and no easy way to do it. So, I migrated back. I decided to go through every preference and delete any thing that was Adobe. I found CS 3 items that should have been cleaned. I deleted them every Adobe pref including CS 5.

I then reinstalled all the apps over top of the CS5 apps (no clean install this time) and I restarted.

The outcome? CS 5 works, CS Live works.

If you have a problem with CS Live manually delete all Adobe prefs. It might work for you. Adobe needs to fix this. Their uninstaller and CS CleanerScript should delete everything their installer or their apps create.

Restoring iPhone 4

July 15, 2010By jaytechnology

So, I bit the bullet. I restored my iPhone 4 to factory settings. I couldn’t stand all the little bugs. The odd thing is that I never did a restore from backup. It was factory from the moment I bought it.
However, I haven’t had all the issues I was experiencing. I still am experiencing the antenna and the proximity issues, but not the call drops nor the silent calls I was receiving.

Find my iPhone, Find my Friend

July 14, 2010By jaytechnology

Someone very close to me is navigationally challenged. I, almost always, rest assured that if she thinks “go right”—left is the correct direction.
In those cases, when I am not with her and she has a bout with directional issues, I have found Find My iPhone (the app) to be very handy.
It might not be the ideal use that Apple intended, but it works quite well.

At least one iPhone (two is best),
[if you have a second iPhone-the Find My iPhone app (or a browser and Internet connectivity),]
and a better sense of navigation than your friend.


July 7, 2010By jaytechnology, Writing

I always try to persuade my clients to blog. I have discovered (as others have before me) that blogging or micro-journaling is an excellent way to reach customers and bring awareness of the clients brand or products.

Problem: blogaphobia.
The clients are afraid of blogging. Most think they don’t have anything to share. Many think that others will day it better. And some, are afraid to look stupid.

Solution: write small
Writing short facts about your company and your skills is all you need to do. It is all your customers need, too. Your website is for the big stuff. Blog the basics. The stuff that would help you, is the stuff that will help them.

If you are blogging about your trade. Blog in short paragraphs. Focus on simple ideas. The things you think everyone knows, most don’t.

iOS 4 bug

July 2, 2010By jaytechnology

Interesting reoccurring bug in iOS 4.
I have only seen it happen when I use my apple headphones, my screen is locked, and the other caller hangs up. It does happen quite consistently. The image is what my iPhone looks like when I unlock the phone to use it after ending a phone call. The call is ended, but the interface is stuck.